One of Europes leading reenactment-groups
A standard in equipment and size, with members from Germany, England, France and Poland,
since more then 13 years


The name Ulfhednar means  „wolfskin“, mystic warriors, who transformed themselves into wolves.
They are descended from the northern Sagas and graphics
of wolfwarriors which can be found on so called  „Pressbleche“ in Skandinavia,
Germany and England. Formerly they decorated sheathes, Ttrinkhornes
and helmets. The „Pressbleche“ from Torslunda/ S, Gutenstein/ D, as well as Fen
Drayton/ UK, are emblems and insignia of our group.

Ulfhednar is a Reenactmentgroup, which means we reenact  history, in
our case enclosing two Eras,  authentic with clothes
and equipment. Our tasks are beginning with the reconstruction of (un-)
known archaeological findings that we present  afterwards
at museumsexibitions, as well as in films and TV to the public, to inform others on the long term  with our new found discoveries.

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